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Property Guide with the top real estate consultant in kolkata

When Rhea and her husband bought a new flat in Kolkata, they faced a lot of challenges in understanding the language of the real estate business. This was when they finally met the best real estate consultant in Kolkata that they learnt the basics of choosing a good apartment.

What is carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area?

Carpet Area: The area that can be covered by a carpet excluding the thickness of the inner wall. The carpet area is the area of the flat that you can use like stairs, living room, play area, etc. While buying a flat one needs to consider the carpet area as this is the part that you would be using.

Built-Up Area: The carpet area along with the walls make up the built-up area. The area includes the living space along with the walls and also the balcony. You need to be careful about the built-up area as the prices and size of the area can be quite misleading at times.

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How can Property dealers in Kolkata help you find your dream home?

Finding Ratan & Nitu their dream Home with our expert Property Dealers in Kolkata


Ratan and Nitu had just moved to Kolkata from Hyderabad due to Ratan’s new job. They were in a completely new city and spent the first month at a hotel looking around for a house to settle in. They had visited every neighbourhood that Ratan’s colleagues suggested, looked online at the various sites that recommended properties and asked around. They were on the verge of giving up when they chanced upon a site that recommended some of the top property dealers in Kolkata.

When they went to meet the verified real estate agents, they understood what they had been missing out on. Soon Nitu found herself in the home that she wanted to be while Ratan who was tired of eating hotel made food could now enjoy the food cooked by his wife. All of this was possible because Nitu chose VLJ Realtors as her flat broker. VLJ Realtors not only helped her find the ideal location for her new home, but also took care of all the legal documentation and the new couple could shift to their home without any further hassle.

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Buying a home in Kolkata? A real estate agent can help you

Buying a home in Kolkata? A real estate agent can help you

In a city like Kolkata where good neighbourhoods can easily cost you a fortune, a real estate agent in Kolkata is the person you need.


Everyone has the dream of buying a home that will be the ideal space for their family.  But it is not easy to determine the ideal location, neighborhood and facilities for your family all by yourself.

You need a real estate agent in Kolkata to help you find your dream home.

There is a catch though!

Finding a good flat broker in Kolkata is as tough a job as finding the ideal house and the ideal neighbourhood.

So what can you do?

The selling of flats and apartments is typically a lengthy process that can be quite daunting for common people to do all by themselves.

Finding the right neighbourhood for your home, identifying the right flat for your family, keeping in mind the basic amenities that you need access can be a lot to deal with.

Flat brokers in Kolkata are the ones who can help you figure it all out without much hassle.

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