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Property Guide with the top real estate consultant in kolkata

When Rhea and her husband bought a new flat in Kolkata, they faced a lot of challenges in understanding the language of the real estate business. This was when they finally met the best real estate consultant in Kolkata that they learnt the basics of choosing a good apartment.

What is carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area?

Carpet Area: The area that can be covered by a carpet excluding the thickness of the inner wall. The carpet area is the area of the flat that you can use like stairs, living room, play area, etc. While buying a flat one needs to consider the carpet area as this is the part that you would be using.

Built-Up Area: The carpet area along with the walls make up the built-up area. The area includes the living space along with the walls and also the balcony. You need to be careful about the built-up area as the prices and size of the area can be quite misleading at times.

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